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Looking for my next
to make an impact.
The intersectional  way.

This is me

Currently CEO Founder of BIWOC* Rising – the first non-profit intersectional work and social club in Germany. I'm a former airline pilot with a degree in media science and philosophy and also further training in sound and video design. My work in the past few years has focused on the crossroads of discriminatory structures of women* of colour and the connected social, political and economic participation in Germany.

Project Management   Workshops 
Socio-political Content 

 Intersectionality   Public Relations

Budget Planing    Empowerment 

Event Management  Anti-Bias Training


I founded BIWOC* Rising
to deconstruct  racist
and patriarchal systems

I'm the daughter of Moroccan "guest workers", who came to Germany in the early 70ies, due to post-colonial struggles. Like every migrant child in Germany, achieving higher education and building a career means overcoming always recurring obstacles. In my case institutionalised racism and sexism. Being told to settle for less and not to set "unecessary" high goals started in primary school.

Luckily, I am my mother's daughter and that didn't intimidate me. 

But in patriarchal and racist systmens individual achievemnts are not measured equally. 

Had to watch white men with far less knowlege and skills getting pushed through doors, just because of the assumption a white male with a diploma must have profound knowledge and leadership skills. While being a woman of colour, from a working class family, with a migrant background can't possibly have reached those "high standards" that the white majority society has set up , and needs to prove herself over and over again. This pattern continued throughout my academic and professional career.

After been empowerd by so many great black women* and women* of colour in the past few years I figuered I don't want a piece of that cake anymore – the cost-performance ratio is unaccetable – I am making my own one with a new recipe and happy to share it. So creating BIWOC* Rising came naturally. 



Having a wide range of interests opened the possibility to explore various career fields.

This expanded my horizon  in interpersonal relationships and

gave me the chance to analyse work environments and work cultures before I could

put this to use in my current Empowerment Projects.

Film Festivals

TV Productions


Online Productions

Cultural Institutions


Radio Productions

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